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Concord is developed inside of Docker containers to simplify dependency management, and the easiest way to get a development environment setup for Concord is by using Visual Studio Code, which includes Dev Container features, making it easy to deploy and debug from within a container.

Concord has a devcontainer.json file included in the repository which will correctly setup the container and build environment.

Launching the Dev Container

To get a dev container environment for Concord, open your Concord checkout in Visual Studio Code. Open the command palette (View > Command Palette...) and type Remote Containers: Reopen in container.

The dev container environment is setup with CMake tooling. When prompted to select a CMake kit, select clang-7.0.

Code Format

We enforce code formatting through clang-format. The build will fail if there are code formatting errors. To fix formatting errors automatically, run the format target, which will attempt to automatically fix any code formatting issues in the repository.